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San Antonio Real Estate Law Attorney

My name is Matthew Obermeier. As an attorney at The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C., I provide clients with legal services involving real estate, offering the personal attention, honest advice and proven representation they deserve. My attention to detail and familiarity with Texas real estate law makes me a trusted adviser and advocate for clients throughout the state. My goal is simple: to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing an experienced attorney is working diligently to resolve your real estate matter.

Foreclosure Prevention Attorney In Bexar County

As a San Antonio real estate law attorney, I offer a wide range of service. These include:

  • Foreclosure defenseIf your mortgage lender has initiated a foreclosure action, I can help you fight the foreclosure in court. I help some homeowners stay in their homes by obtaining temporary restraining orders (TROs) against mortgage lenders.
  • Loan modification: A loan modification can help you avoid foreclosure. I use my extensive real estate experience to help clients throughout Texas get the relief they need via these modifications.
  • Real estate transactions: My attention to detail and in-depth preparation techniques allow me to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your real estate transaction was handled by a dedicated professional.
  • Real estate and commercial litigation: If disagreements arise regarding real estate, I am able to draw on my proven dispute resolution skills to help you reach an efficient resolution.

For these and other issues related to real estate law, such as landlord-tenant law matters, I give you the direct attention you need to feel that your case is in capable hands.


To arrange an consultation with a lawyer, contact me at 800-820-1664 or online. For your convenience, I accept all major credit cards.