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Posts tagged "Real Estate Transactions"

Do you need help with your real estate transaction?

The average person doesn't know a lot about the process of buying and selling real estate. These transactions, however, involve a great deal of money and a lot of legal procedure, so it's vital that the purchaser and/or seller of a piece of real estate property handles everything correctly to avoid issues or problems later on down the line.

The 10 steps involved in completing a real estate deal

Once you've decided on a property, or once someone has decided to buy your property, it's time to complete the deal. Generally, there are ten primary steps involved in completing a real estate deal once the purchase contract has been signed. These steps are as follows:

Check the septic tank lift pump before buying a new home

Some Texas homes are equipped with septic tanks while others are hooked up to municipal sewage and waste systems. It's important to know what kind of system the home you want to purchase has. If it has a septic tank, you definitely will want to check it to ensure it's not in need of costly maintenance and repair. One issue related to septic tanks deals with lift pumps, which may be used to move waste from a low-pressure environment into a high pressure one -- due to gravity and other concerns.

Real estate transactions: The last 3 steps of your closing

Closing a real estate deal takes a lot of time, and if you don't do it properly, it may never get done. One simple mistake could ruin a carefully crafted real estate deal and send both parties walking in different directions, seeking new buyers and sellers with whom to interact. For this reason, both buyers and sellers should carefully review the different steps involved with closing such a deal, so they know what to expect -- both of themselves and the other party.

Signs a home has termite damage

Before you purchase a home in San Antonio, you definitely want to check to see if the home has termite damage. If the home does have termite damage, then the owner will need to correct the issue before any home sale transaction is made. What, then, are the signs that a home is infested?

Nonprofit technology foundation purchases 111,000-foot facility

The Texas Research & Technology Foundation announced that is creating a "superhub" to assist startups and entrepreneurs. The "superhub," dubbed VelocityTX, will offer manufacturing facility access, mentorship and capital to budding entrepreneurs and startup organizations in the technology sector. The facility will be based out of San Antonio.

What are wildlife management and agricultural tax breaks?

Did you know that some developers in San Antonio are receiving tax breaks for their high-priced real estate due to agricultural exemptions and wildlife management exemptions? Texans who keep wildlife or do farming on their properties can qualify for an agricultural exemption that discounts their property taxes. Also, Texans who have an unused piece of property that that they use to feed squirrels and birds might be able to classify their property as being used for wildlife management, which can result in property tax breaks too.

What steps are involved in closing a real estate transaction?

You've been hearing the word "closing" from your real estate agent, but you have no idea what it means. This term is used to describe the process of finalizing your real estate deal. A real estate transaction isn't like going to the store and buying a gallon of milk. A lot of paperwork needs to be signed and multiple steps need to be carried out.

Real estate transactions: How a real estate lawyer can help

Most Texas residents employ real estate brokers to assist them in carrying out their real estate transactions. A seller's real estate agent can be helpful in finding a purchaser for your property. A buyer's agent can be helpful in finding a property to buy.