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Posts tagged "Foreclosure Defense"

How to stop foreclosure in its tracks

Facing foreclosure can feel extremely stressful. If you believe that you will struggle to afford your mortgage repayments in the coming months, you may start to jump to worst-case-scenario thoughts and imagine losing your home in the near future. While fearing the worst can be counterproductive, taking action to prevent such situations from arising is important.

Is it possible to stop foreclosure?

If you are facing foreclosure proceedings, you have likely been struggling financially for a significant period. Generally speaking, mortgage lenders would prefer to avoid foreclosure proceedings, but they initiate them as a last resort when they believe that it is the only way they will get back at least some of what they are owed.

How can I slow down the foreclosure process?

If you are facing the threat of foreclosure because of missed mortgage payments, you will likely have a desire to pause time so that you can figure out the right path to take. Foreclosure can be highly stressful, not least because those facing it often have additional financial issues.

Taking control of foreclosure proceedings

If you are behind in your mortgage repayments, you have probably started to hear from your lender, and they may have threatened you with foreclosure. Foreclosure essentially means losing your home and the repayments you have made in the past. It also leads to a poor credit rating and therefore a difficulty in getting a home in the future.

Is bankruptcy the best foreclosure defense?

If you are having difficulty continuing with your mortgage obligations, you may have received threats of foreclosure from your bank. It is important that you take these warnings very seriously, because if you do not take further action, you may lose your home and face other negative implications such as damage to your credit score.

What are my options to prevent a foreclosure?

If you have been served a notice of default by your lender, this means that you have fallen seriously behind on your mortgage repayments. If action is not taken to address this, the end result will be foreclosure, which is the selling of your home by the lender in order to pay off the mortgage.

The difference between a normal and high asset divorce

If you and your spouse are considered to be a high asset household and you are getting a divorce, you may be worried about how the divorce could affect your wealth. Many spouses are reluctant to go through a divorce in this situation, because they don't want to lose the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Tips for successfully preventing foreclosure

One of the most stressful situations that you can find yourself in is being at risk of losing your home. Foreclosure can, unfortunately, have the power to make families homeless, so it is important to take such risks extremely seriously and take action as soon as you find yourself struggling financially.

How to contest a foreclosure in Texas

The prospect of losing your family home can be one of the most stressful things that you can deal with. Foreclosure is not usually beneficial to anybody, since selling a home through a short sale will tend to retrieve a lower than market value at sale. This is why you should do everything you can in order to contest an upcoming foreclosure.