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How can you arrive at a valuation for your family business?

If you have a family business here in San Antonio and you're preparing to get divorced, then you may wonder how it is that you're going to come up with a value for it so that you can appropriately split it up. Coming up with a business valuation isn't necessarily a straightforward process. There are three different approaches that you can use to get answers though.

Subtle signs that divorce may be coming

The end of a marriage usually has signs before it arrives. In some cases, the signs are obvious, and no one is surprised when the marriage ends. In other cases, the signs are very subtle, and you may overlook them entirely until you get divorced and everything suddenly clicks into place.

Adoption laws in Texas

Whether you have your own biological children already or if you are yet to start a family, adopting can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. If you are currently thinking about your future and you are thinking about adopting a child in Texas, you should first take the time to understand the laws in place in the state.

Wondering if you'll get divorced? Consider these red flags

Divorce comes to many marriages in time. You may have felt happy and content on your wedding day, but a lot can change in the years to come. You may appear successful and happy from the outside, making a great living and enjoying life, but your personal relationship may not reflect that.

Gaining closure is important at the end of a relationship

Relationships never end in an instant. They usually go through a process of decline, along with ups and downs, for many months or years. Much of the time, one person in the relationship is holding on to what they want the relationship to be, all while losing sight of the possibility of achieving this.