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San Antonio Military Divorce Lawyer

Military spouses spend their lives adapting to change and unique stresses. In some ways, military divorce is no different. Although military divorce encompasses the same family law elements as a civilian divorce, the issues are often more complex. Asset division must take retirement accounts into consideration, and child custody arrangements need to accommodate a parent who may be stationed overseas for months at a time.

With so many unique factors at play, it’s critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can help ensure your rights and assets are protected. I am attorney Matthew Obermeier, and I represent individuals in San Antonio and throughout the surrounding communities in military divorce matters. I provide counsel and guidance to civilian spouses and military personnel who are stationed overseas or at any base in Texas, including:

  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Lackland Air Force Base
  • Randolph Air Force Base
  • Brooks City Base
  • Camp Bullis
  • Martindale Army Air Field

Legal Protection For Civilian And Military Spouses

Both spouses in a military marriage typically have the same primary concerns: They want to be protected financially, and they want to protect their relationship with their children. I educate individuals about the factors that are considered when military benefits are divided.

I also help parents protect their rights when parenting plans are being created. Although a traditional 50-50 custody and visitation schedule may not work, I can work with you to create a plan that is tailored to the unique needs of your family.

Learn more about the counsel I provide military and civilian spouses by scheduling an initial consultation. I can be reached through my online contact form or by calling 210-296-5828.

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