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San Antonio Child Support And Custody Lawyer

My name is Matthew Obermeier. As a family law attorney serving San Antonio and other communities in Texas, I strive to make sure that my clients receive fair custody and support arrangements in their divorces. My representation focuses on two things: what is in the best interests of the children involved and what is in the best interests of my clients.

Bexar County Child Custody Lawyer

Although a marriage may end, that does not mean that the family as a whole ceases to exist. Through joint custody or sole custody, families in Texas can continue to offer nurturing environments for their children. As your attorney, I will examine your situation and that of your ex-spouse, and help you reach an arrangement that best meets the needs of your children and preserves your rights.

Child Support

As a San Antonio child support attorney at The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C., I am able to put the resources of the entire firm behind your case. I put the collective knowledge of the lawyers at the firm to use, crafting innovative strategies designed to help you receive or pay a fair amount of child support.


If you or your former spouse has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as losing a job, getting a raise, or needing to move out of state, you will need to obtain custody and support modifications. These modifications ensure that you pay or receive the appropriate amount of child support, and that the custody arrangement reflects the current situation in the best manner possible.

It can be difficult to obtain a modification without a dedicated advocate on your side. I have an in-depth understanding of family law, and have helped many clients successfully navigate the Texas family law system and receive much needed modifications.


To arrange an initial consultation with a client-focused San Antonio lawyer, call 800-820-1664 or contact me online. For your convenience, I accept all major credit cards.