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San Antonio Business Law Lawyer

When problems arise for business owners, it’s critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can provide the immediate and cost-effective solutions needed. For larger corporations, that often means bringing problems to in-house counsel. For small and mid-sized businesses, however, that is rarely a cost-effective option.

I am attorney Matthew Obermeier, and I provide business owners throughout San Antonio the timely and cost-effective solutions they need to continue moving forward with business operations. I represent business owners in a range of business law matters, including:

Out-Of-House Counsel

Although I am happy to provide counsel to business owners in one-off events, many business owners appreciate being able to return to the same lawyer each time legal matters arise. When business owners return to me with multiple legal issues, I am already familiar with their business plans and operations.

Learn more about the counsel I provide by scheduling an initial consultation. I can be reached through my contact form or by calling 800-820-1664.