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How can you lawfully get out of your Texas commercial lease?

The commercial real estate industry isn't as heavily regulated as the residential one. This is why San Antonio business owners who seek out office space often find that their leases tend to last significantly longer than residential ones. If the thought of being committed to a particular office long-term makes you feel uncomfortable, then you'll be happy to learn that there are lawful options for getting out of your lease without defaulting on it.

Can commercial property foreclosure be avoided?

Foreclosure proceedings on a commercial property tend to work in the same way as residential properties, but the stakes are often much higher. Losing a commercial investment to foreclosure could have a detrimental impact on your entire business, therefore you must take early action to gain a comprehensive understanding of your options.

The City of San Antonio agrees to a land swap with a developer

A San Antonio developer who owned a lot adjacent to the historic East Side's Hays Street bridge will get another parcel a mile away. The city will convert his original one into a park. This is what the City of San Antonio council members decided during a public community meeting that was held on June 13.

Avoiding commercial real estate foreclosure

Investing in commercial real estate can be a risky undertaking because typically there are high monetary assets at stake. If you are struggling to keep on top of your loan repayments that are tied to commercial real estate property, it is likely that you are worried about the threat of foreclosure in the future.

What to consider before signing a retail space lease

If you are looking for a retail space in which to operate your business from, it might feel overwhelming to start to think about negotiating a lease. The terms held within a lease can be very complex, and they may have the potential to affect the workings of your business for years to come.

Considerations to make when buying commercial property

The decision to enter the real estate market is never easy. There are so many things that can go wrong, especially when you are trying to purchase a piece of commercial property. There are various reasons to purchase a commercial property, including finding space for your business or to rent it to others for some income. Let's look at the considerations you need to make when buying commercial property in Texas.

San Antonio airport to benefit from $25 million in improvements

The San Antonio International Airport is set to benefit from a $25 million redevelopment plan. A real estate firm from Colorado will carry out the project which will update the Hawker Beechcraft Services' aircraft maintenance area of the airport. The facility, which has been closed since 2012, is located off John Cape Road.

What's the loan to value ratio in commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate mortgage lenders use loan-to-value ratios (or LTVs) to determine the value of the loan compared to how much a particular property costs. Lenders will calculate LTVs as a division of the loan amount over the purchase price or the property's appraisal value, whichever is smaller.

When should you lease a business space instead of purchasing?

There are advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding whether to lease or buy a piece of commercial property for your business. In this article, we'll examine the various conditions that -- when they exist -- you may want to consider going the route of leasing.