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March 2020 Archives

When might a short sale be right for you?

Sometimes unexpected events happen in one's life that create havoc. There may be a death of a loved one, divorce, medical bills or the loss of a job. In such circumstances, people may lose the ability to pay for their homes. Fortunately, there are many options that homeowners may be able to pursue that will allow them to stay in their homes. Some other strategies may result in the loss of the house, but not leave the homeowner with such crippling debt.

How can you arrive at a valuation for your family business?

If you have a family business here in San Antonio and you're preparing to get divorced, then you may wonder how it is that you're going to come up with a value for it so that you can appropriately split it up. Coming up with a business valuation isn't necessarily a straightforward process. There are three different approaches that you can use to get answers though.

How can you lawfully get out of your Texas commercial lease?

The commercial real estate industry isn't as heavily regulated as the residential one. This is why San Antonio business owners who seek out office space often find that their leases tend to last significantly longer than residential ones. If the thought of being committed to a particular office long-term makes you feel uncomfortable, then you'll be happy to learn that there are lawful options for getting out of your lease without defaulting on it.