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February 2020 Archives

Do these things in a high asset divorce

High-asset divorces are often a challenge because of the number of things that have to be split up during the property division process. When you're going through this, you have to ensure that you're taking the appropriate steps to protect your interests. The plan will vary from one case to another, so what worked for someone you know won't necessarily work for your case.

What is a foreclosure by judicial sale?

If you've fallen behind in making your mortgage payments here in San Antonio, then it's likely that your lender has initiated foreclosure proceedings. Your case may have reached the point where a Texas judge presiding over the matter is prepared to enter an order for a judicial sale so that the mortgage company can recover what they're owed. There are certain steps that a lender must take before they can pursue this foreclosure option.

Subtle signs that divorce may be coming

The end of a marriage usually has signs before it arrives. In some cases, the signs are obvious, and no one is surprised when the marriage ends. In other cases, the signs are very subtle, and you may overlook them entirely until you get divorced and everything suddenly clicks into place.