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January 2020 Archives

Good communication could help prevent foreclosure

Those who have a mortgage and are currently struggling with financial issues are particularly vulnerable to foreclosure. When people are in this position, they may worry about missing their mortgage repayments. However, even when they foresee this as being a potential problem, they are often overly optimistic and expect that the problem will be solved naturally.

How to stop foreclosure in its tracks

Facing foreclosure can feel extremely stressful. If you believe that you will struggle to afford your mortgage repayments in the coming months, you may start to jump to worst-case-scenario thoughts and imagine losing your home in the near future. While fearing the worst can be counterproductive, taking action to prevent such situations from arising is important.

How to protect your business assets in a divorce

Going through a divorce can be complex no matter the financial situation a person is in. However, if you own a business and have a high number of assets, it is reasonable to be concerned about losing a significant portion of these assets when going through the divorce. If you want to file for divorce but you are hesitant to do so because of the possible financial implications, you should make sure that you understand some of the key strategies for protecting your business.