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September 2019 Archives

How do I set up a trust for my children?

If you know the basics of estate planning, you will be aware that the sole use of a will is often not the most efficient way to distribute assets at the end of your lifetime. Assets mentioned in a will shall go through the probate process, which is not the most cost and time-efficient way to distribute your wealth.

How can I increase my alimony payments?

If you are going through a divorce or have recently become divorced, you may be in the process of negotiating, or you may already be subject to alimony payments. Alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, tends to be awarded to the divorcing spouse who earns a lower income. This is done to try and ensure that neither spouse has to lower their standard of living due to divorce.

How are retirement accounts divided in divorce?

The property division aspect of a divorce is sometimes a test in patience because of the complexities. Retirement accounts are one of the more difficult things to figure out in these cases. Not only do you have to determine the value of the accounts, you also have to ensure that you aren't going to face penalties when you have to move them around.