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Reasons well-off couples still decide to split up

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2019 | Family Law

You have probably heard people talk about financial issues and how they can lead to divorce. Most of the time, these stories refer to couples who can’t pay the bills. When money gets tight, it creates a lot of stress, and this often leads people to seek a divorce.

However, don’t assume that being well-off is some sort of insulator that makes it so you won’t have stress or won’t get divorced. In fact, some experts have even said that wealth may increase the odds that you’ll split up. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • High-income couples often only have one working spouse, and this can lead to tension between them.
  • Couples with expensive lifestyles may still struggle to pay the bills, even when they earn far more than the state average.
  • Couples may still view money differently, regardless of how much they earn. One key stressor is when one person wants to save and the other wants to spend.
  • Those in high-value professions often have to work long hours or travel for work, meaning they may not see their spouse as much as someone working a normal 9-5 job.
  • If there is any uncertainty about the financial future, that too can be a stressor. Just because a couple is earning a lot does not mean there’s no chance of losing that income or seeing a significant change in their financial fortunes, and the change is more drastic when they’re used to a high standard of living.

If you and your spouse decide to get divorced, make sure you know what legal steps to take to protect your interests.