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May 2019 Archives

Is bankruptcy the best foreclosure defense?

If you are having difficulty continuing with your mortgage obligations, you may have received threats of foreclosure from your bank. It is important that you take these warnings very seriously, because if you do not take further action, you may lose your home and face other negative implications such as damage to your credit score.

Will divorce affect my child's academic performance?

We all want the best for our children, and this means that we do everything we can to ensure their success both academically and socially. However, we can't always control the challenges that we face in life. If you are approaching divorce as a parent, it is likely that you are concerned about the way that this could affect your child.

What's the best foreclosure prevention technique?

Going through foreclosure tends to be the final option when no other strategy to deal with an unpaid mortgage has worked. Many homeowners do everything that they can to avoid foreclosure because it means that they will lose their home and suffer damage to their credit score. If early and informed action is taken, it can be possible to successfully avoid foreclosure.

Your options in business succession planning

If you are starting to think about the future of your business after your lifetime, you will likely be feeling a mixture of emotions. On one hand, planning for the end of your life can be an emotional thing to reflect on. However, at the same time, thinking about your legacy and the hopes and dreams you have for your loved ones can be a very uplifting experience.

Understanding your ex's behavior during asset division

It's unfortunately common for spouses to become hostile toward each other during the divorce process. This hostility can cause petty arguments and unnecessary stress. Typically, divorcing spouses who are able to collaborate in a civilized way get the most positive outcome from a divorce.