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March 2019 Archives

Avoiding commercial real estate foreclosure

Investing in commercial real estate can be a risky undertaking because typically there are high monetary assets at stake. If you are struggling to keep on top of your loan repayments that are tied to commercial real estate property, it is likely that you are worried about the threat of foreclosure in the future.

The difference between a normal and high asset divorce

If you and your spouse are considered to be a high asset household and you are getting a divorce, you may be worried about how the divorce could affect your wealth. Many spouses are reluctant to go through a divorce in this situation, because they don't want to lose the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

How can you thrive in a co-parenting relationship?

When people imagine their future, it is unlikely that being a co-parent is what they envision for their family. However, the reality is that relationships do not always work out and co-parenting can be still a successful way to rear your children to be happy and healthy individuals.