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December 2018 Archives

Can virtual visitation be a solution for long distance families?

When parents separate, it can often mean that one or both of them will decide to relocate to a different town, city or state. The parents will have their own reasons for doing so: Perhaps they want to be closer to family or they want to gain new career opportunities. However, relocation after a parental separation can have implications for the children.

How is spousal support decided in Texas?

A divorce is difficult time emotionally, but for many, it is also a difficult time financially. Perhaps both you and your partner worked, but your spouse earned significantly more than you. Or maybe you stayed home to care for the children.

Refinancing your mortgage in Texas

If you are the owner of a home in the state of Texas, it is very likely that a significant portion of your income goes toward making your mortgage repayments. At times when your finances are stable, this should not be a problem. However, if you experience a change in circumstances, for example, if you lose your job, things can get very stressful very quickly.