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3 steps to take before closing on a house

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Firm News

Buying a house is an exciting time but it is easy to get overwhelmed during the process. Chances are you are going through mountains of paperwork and financing. It can get complicated and confusing. There are many important actions you need to take when buying a house and you might not be able to keep track of everything you need to do, but do not despair. Keep calm and stay organized and you will be moved into your dream home in no time.

Here are three particularly important elements to keep in mind before closing to make the process as smooth as possible.

Continue to monitor your finances

It is no secret that buying a house is a large investment. Chances are your finances will change after making such a large purchase. You will also have to consider your mortgage payment and your lender. Be vigilant about your finances during this time and make sure you have everything in order. You may need to alert your lender if you deposit, withdraw or transfer any funds. Double check your homeowners insurance policy, your mortgage loan status and make sure your closing costs can be paid.

Do a final walk-through

A final walk-through of your new house is an important step to take before moving in. There are many last-minute checks you may want to make, to ensure the house is what you expected. You might want to bring a notepad and camera to the walk-through as well as a copy of your contract and the inspection summary.

Make sure your real estate agent is present and verify that all updates or repairs agreed upon were made. There are several other actions you may want to take during the walk-through such as making sure all outlets and appliances work, windows open and there are no other damages or mold, all to ensure that your future home is in the condition you expect before you move in.

Try not to make any more changes

You might want to avoid making any more drastic life changes during this time. Since buying a home is a large commitment, financially and even mentally, it may help you in the long run to put any other life changes on hold, such as changing a job or adding new family members. Buying a home is a big enough choice to keep you occupied for a while. You do not want to put any more financial strain on yourself or your family during this time. Try to limit your spending and avoid opening any new credit lines, too.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but you will want to be careful to do your due diligence during this time. You want this process to run smoothly so you can focus on enjoying your new house.