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July 2018 Archives

Foreclosure defense strategies: What is a pre-foreclosure sale?

Most Texans have the dream of owning their own residence. Realizing this dream by taking out a home loan to purchase a residence, however, can prove disastrous in the event of an ailing economy or if the homeowner loses his or her job. As soon as a financially struggling homeowner gets behind on mortgage payments, the lender will foreclose on the property, which could cause the homeowner to lose his or her home.

What's the loan to value ratio in commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate mortgage lenders use loan-to-value ratios (or LTVs) to determine the value of the loan compared to how much a particular property costs. Lenders will calculate LTVs as a division of the loan amount over the purchase price or the property's appraisal value, whichever is smaller.

How to renovate your home to sell

Moving to a new home is exciting. It is a big step and the start of a new chapter. However, you still have to think about selling your current home and it might need some upgrades to be marketable.

How to look for termites before buying a home

Every time you purchase a new home, you should have a professional inspection performed to ensure that the property is free of damage. You may also want to do a detailed walk-through and inspection yourself, as it's always possible that even a professional inspector could miss a glaring problem. One thing you want to pay especially close attention to is the threat of termites.

Can I back out of my real estate deal?

Imagine you've agreed to purchase a new home and although you haven't closed on the property, you've signed an agreement to buy the residence. The problem is, your situation has changed or you've discovered a "deal-breaker" pertaining to the property. Now you no longer want to buy it.