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Why does the law require termite inspections before a home sale?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Real Estate Transactions

A home purchase or sale represents one of the largest financial transactions that any San Antonio resident will ever make. For this reason, it’s absolutely vital that neither the seller nor the purchaser gets “swindled,” for lack of a better term. As such, there are numerous rules and regulations that govern the sale of a home, not the least of which being the termite inspection requirement.

Termites are sneaky. They bore into a wooden home slowly, and cause it to disintegrate from the inside out. Meanwhile, the occupants — and especially people who might be looking at the residence — are none the wiser. It’s for this reason, most home sales will include a mandate or request to carry out a termite inspection. The lender that is providing the cash for the mortgage loan to purchase the property will also require a home inspection that will include a termite inspection as a part of it.

Because termites can be so damaging to a property, and ultimately to the property’s value, it’s vital for anyone purchasing a new home to identify termite damage. When found, the home must be treated and the damage must be repaired before the home sale is made.

San Antonio residents who are trying to sell a home that is found to have termites or termite damage need not worry that it’s the end of the world. Often, termite issues can be corrected relatively quickly and effectively and it’s still possible to sell the home to the buyer that carried out the inspection. However, to ensure that the home sale is a success — and no legal problems develop in the years to come — it’s vital that both homebuyers and home sellers take any issue relating to termites seriously.