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February 2018 Archives

Why does the law require termite inspections before a home sale?

A home purchase or sale represents one of the largest financial transactions that any San Antonio resident will ever make. For this reason, it's absolutely vital that neither the seller nor the purchaser gets "swindled," for lack of a better term. As such, there are numerous rules and regulations that govern the sale of a home, not the least of which being the termite inspection requirement.

3 types of commercial real esate laons

When an investor wants to buy a piece of commercial real estate, he or she will usually need to secure a commercial real estate loan. However, securing a large loan like this can be a complicated and involved process. Borrowers will also need to understand the various styles of commercial real estate loans available in order to select the right one that matches his or her situation.

What's a cash-on-cash return?

If you want to find a good deal on a commercial real estate property, it's highly unlikely that the deal is simply going to fall right into your lap. You may need to really research to find a property that you can buy for a price that brings you high value. Fortunately, you can learn a variety of value testing metrics on the internet that apply to commercial real estate deals. One is known as the cash-on-cash return.