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October 2017 Archives

1 important foreclosure prevention strategy

The best way to prevent foreclosure is to pay your home mortgage payment on time each month, but what if your financial circumstance change for the worse and you're no longer able to pay your bills? Getting behind one month on your mortgage bill will result in costly fees, but getting behind by more than a month for any period of time could result in foreclosure.

Is San Antonio The Best City For Landlords?

The potential of income-producing rental property has lured many people into the business of being a landlord. However, buying rental property and becoming a landlord is not an automatic money generator. There are a variety of factors at play that will determine whether the endeavor will be successful.

Check the septic tank lift pump before buying a new home

Some Texas homes are equipped with septic tanks while others are hooked up to municipal sewage and waste systems. It's important to know what kind of system the home you want to purchase has. If it has a septic tank, you definitely will want to check it to ensure it's not in need of costly maintenance and repair. One issue related to septic tanks deals with lift pumps, which may be used to move waste from a low-pressure environment into a high pressure one -- due to gravity and other concerns.

Real estate transactions: The last 3 steps of your closing

Closing a real estate deal takes a lot of time, and if you don't do it properly, it may never get done. One simple mistake could ruin a carefully crafted real estate deal and send both parties walking in different directions, seeking new buyers and sellers with whom to interact. For this reason, both buyers and sellers should carefully review the different steps involved with closing such a deal, so they know what to expect -- both of themselves and the other party.

What programs can help with an underwater mortgage?

If your mortgage is "underwater," it means that you owe more money on it than your residence is actually worth. This can happen to homeowners who take out a loan and buy a property before the real estate market starts to change for the worst. When property values decline, you could find yourself dealing with an underwater mortgage.