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Signs a home has termite damage

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Real Estate Transactions

Before you purchase a home in San Antonio, you definitely want to check to see if the home has termite damage. If the home does have termite damage, then the owner will need to correct the issue before any home sale transaction is made. What, then, are the signs that a home is infested?

There are three telltale signs that a home has a problem with termites:

Mud tubes are visible: Mud tubes are approximately the width of a pencil. These are special passageways for termites so that they can move undetected from one area of infested wood to another. They often pass over concrete foundations or they are out of view beneath floorboards.

Termites are swarming: At a certain time of year, termites will swarm. In other words, they’ll grow wings and release themselves into the air to search for new homes and wooded areas to invest. An important sign of swarming is if you find clumps of termites around the lights or windows of your home.

Wood damage: Have you seen damaged wood around the home? It’s important to tap wood every several inches. If you notice a hollow sound, or if you find that your tool can easily penetrate into the wood, then it’s a sign that there could be termites. Blisters in wood floors and dark areas could also be signs of termite damage.

If you purchased a home but you were not informed about termite damages, you may have legal recourse to demand that the previous homeowner pay for any necessary termite treatments. When dealing with a termite issue like this, a San Antonio real estate lawyer can help.