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August 2017 Archives

What are wildlife management and agricultural tax breaks?

Did you know that some developers in San Antonio are receiving tax breaks for their high-priced real estate due to agricultural exemptions and wildlife management exemptions? Texans who keep wildlife or do farming on their properties can qualify for an agricultural exemption that discounts their property taxes. Also, Texans who have an unused piece of property that that they use to feed squirrels and birds might be able to classify their property as being used for wildlife management, which can result in property tax breaks too.

A 2-step foreclosure avoidance strategy

When homeowners get behind on their mortgage payments, the threat of foreclosure is a terrifying experience. That's because homeowners stand to lose a lot that they have worked so hard to obtain financially. Even worse, their families could become homeless if they are unable to pay for a new home or apartment to live in.

Is the health of commercial real estate in jeopardy?

Chinese companies have been eager to buy commercial real estate in major cities in the United States and Europe for some time now. This has lead to a commercial real estate boom in the United States that has benefited many real estate investors and owners of commercial real estate property. However, some analysts worry that the Chinese investors could be having a harder time participating in the commercial real estate market -- due to new Chinese regulations.

What steps are involved in closing a real estate transaction?

You've been hearing the word "closing" from your real estate agent, but you have no idea what it means. This term is used to describe the process of finalizing your real estate deal. A real estate transaction isn't like going to the store and buying a gallon of milk. A lot of paperwork needs to be signed and multiple steps need to be carried out.