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Make sure your commercial real estate is properly zoned

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2017 | Commercial Real Estate

It’s essential to make sure any piece of commercial property you buy or use for your business is appropriately zoned. Commercial zoning can affect whether you’re permitted to use your commercial property for the purpose you intended.

In the city of San Antonio, specific zoning regulations apply to every piece of property. Here are the different categories of zoning:

— Residential: This is property that can be used for multifamily or single-family dwellings. In fact, residential zones are usually divided into different areas intended for these two purposes.

— Commercial: This is property that is permitted for commercial use. Typically, you will find offices and retail stores in areas assigned as commercial zones.

— Industrial: In industrial zones property may be used for different kinds of manufacturing.

— Agricultural: In these areas you’ll find property being utilized by farmers to grow food and raise livestock.

— Recreational: In recreational zones, you’ll find land that is being used for recreational purposes, such as soccer fields, baseball diamonds and other activities.

A common problem that business owners encounter is the mistake of purchasing a property that hasn’t been zoned for the purposes the business owner intended. For example, perhaps a business owner bought a piece of property where he or she plans to run a small manufacturing facility. However, the business owner later finds out that the property is not zoned for industrial activities, but instead it’s zoned for residential. This could curb the business owner’s plans for the property and cost him or her a lot of money in financial losses.

At the law office of Matthew J. Obermeier, we help San Antonio business owners review the zoning assigned to potential real estate purchases to ensure that they can use it for the intended purpose. We can also help business owners pursue the rezoning of a piece of property, so it can be used for different purposes.