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June 2017 Archives

The eviction process during foreclosure proceedings

Following foreclosure, a San Antonio resident could find him or herself being evicted from the home. However, with the assistance of a skilled foreclosure defense attorney, many San Antonio residents can seek to stop an eviction so they can stay in their homes.

What's a construction defect?

No one is perfect, and contractors and construction workers are no different. As such, it's not uncommon for mistakes to happen during the construction of a new building or home. Unfortunately, these construction defects do not usually become apparent until after the owners of the property have moved in and started to use it. Every year, countless homeowners discover that their new residences have construction defects that end up costing them a lot of money to correct. Who's liable to pay for these repairs?

Can't get a mortgage? Maybe crowdfunding is the answer

Banks have strict internal rules and regulations that may prevent you from getting approved for a large loan. Your bank, however, is not the only avenue available to finance your commercial real estate venture. In addition to traditional bank financing is the emerging crowdfunding market. Crowdfunding offers a non-traditional source of financing to people who are looking to create a business or buy a piece of property.