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San Antonio commercial real estate lawyer

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Commercial Real Estate

Attorney Matthew J. Obermeier is a partner of the The Law Offices of Matthew J. Obermeier, P.C., law offices. Representing clients in all types of commercial and residential real estate matters, Matthew J. Obermeire combines diplomacy with aggressive litigation to protect his clients rights and achieve their legal objectives both in and out of Texas court.

Among the clients represented by Matthew J. Obermeier are businesses engaged in commercial real estate dealings. In some cases, the businesses are selling or buying a piece of property. In other cases, the businesses are creating leasing agreements or resolving leasing agreement disputes.

Here are some examples of common cases represented by our San Antonio law office:

— Seller financing: In this situation, the seller of a property lends the money to the buyer, who must then pay off a promissory note over time.

— Breach of contract: This could relate to a breach of a real estate purchase agreement or the breach of a landlord-tenant agreement.

— Real estate sales and purchases: Commercial real estate properties often hold values of millions of dollars; therefore, it’s vital to ensure that the purchase and sales transactions are managed by a competent lawyer.

Attorney Matthew J. Obermeier is here to help you with all your commercial real estate law needs. There is no doubt that it helps to have an attorney on one’s side when negotiating a commercial real estate deal, as an attorney can identify and avoid potential pitfalls that could cost a business dearly later on down the road. If you have a commercial real estate-related legal matter to discuss, our office is available to meet with you.