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December 2016 Archives

Read this if you're buying a pre-1978 home

It's hard to believe, but any residential property built before 1978 will usually contain lead-based paint. Lead-based paints are dangerous to human health because the paint particles can create lead dust which easily enters the human system and causes a host of health problems.

Can eClosings Take The Stress Out Of Real Estate Transactions?

One of the most dreaded parts of any real estate purchase is the closing process. The homebuyer is forced to go through a stack of documents, delivering a seemingly endless series of signatures for the mortgage lender. However, according to an article from law.com, there is another way: eClosings.

Common foreclosure defense strategies

The most important thing an attorney can remember when representing a client facing foreclosure proceedings is the fact that now two foreclosures are the same. Every case needs to be reviewed on its individual merits and every foreclosure defense strategy needs to be specifically tailored to suit the factual scenario that applies.

Should I get a lawyer for my real estate transaction?

This is the age-old question that the wisest home-buyers always consider before purchasing a home: Should I let my real estate agent handle the home-buying process, or should I retain a lawyer to represent me? Often times the process of answering this question boils down to perceptions relating to the cost of each professional's services.

How can a foreclosure defense lawyer help me?

The threat of foreclosure proceedings, and the fear of losing one's home as a result of those proceedings, is extremely terrifying. Considering how much money and how much work goes into the dream of finally owning a family home -- to have that dream cut short and to lose all the equity one has invested in a home -- is a tragedy beyond compare.