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Helping San Antonio residents with real estate law issues

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions

When the average San Antonio resident plans to buy a home, it will likely be one of the biggest purchases — if not the biggest purchase — of his or her life. For that reason, a real estate purchase should never be done in haste, and homebuyers may want to discuss their purchase plans with a qualified real estate lawyer before pulling the trigger on the deal.

Although the average real estate agent is well-equipped to represent his or her client to complete the closing on a property, a lawyer will be especially skilled at helping homebuyers prevent future legal problems in the event a real estate transaction is managed inappropriately. Here are some of the issues that we commonly help our clients with at the Law Offices of Mathew J. Obermeier:

— Closings on real estate transactions: The closing process involves a lot of signatures on what seems like an unlimited number of documents. An attorney can help San Antonio homebuyers avoid mistakes when filling out these documents.

— Lease agreement analyses: Whether a lease is for a period of a year or five years, it is important to read and understand the agreement carefully. A real estate lawyer can advise homebuyers on whether they are getting a good “deal” or not.

— Landlord-tenant issues: No matter which side of a landlord tenant issues you find yourself on, these issues can be difficult to navigate. These matters usually rely on the language of the law affecting the person, and a lawyer can help Texas residents understand the law through this haze.

The San Antonio real estate transaction law firm of Mathew J. Obermeier offers legal representation for homebuyers who are shopping for a new home and/or who have found the home of their dreams and are ready to close. If you or your family member are considering buying property, our firm is available to help.