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November 2016 Archives

Modifying Your Mortgage? Proceed With Caution.

Sometimes life throws you an unexpected curve ball. A job loss, divorce, or another unforeseen event can threaten your stability and finances. If you fall behind on payments on your home, a mortgage modification is a viable option for preventing foreclosure and getting back on track financially. However, as one recent case in Grapevine demonstrates, caution must be exercised when attempting to modify your loan.

5 alternatives to a home foreclosure

If your home has gone into foreclosure, then the bank that financed your mortgage is attempting to establish the legal right to repossess your property due to a failure or inability to stay up-to-date with your mortgage payments. However, San Antonio residents who cannot pay their home loan bills do not have to end up in foreclosure proceedings. Here are five alternatives.

Helping San Antonio residents with real estate law issues

When the average San Antonio resident plans to buy a home, it will likely be one of the biggest purchases -- if not the biggest purchase -- of his or her life. For that reason, a real estate purchase should never be done in haste, and homebuyers may want to discuss their purchase plans with a qualified real estate lawyer before pulling the trigger on the deal.

Foreclosure numbers have declined across the United States

Pending foreclosures across the United States have declined considerably -- by 29.6 percent compared to this time last year. Completed foreclosure figures have declined even more -- by 42.4 percent compared to last year. Even more promising is that these statistics, released by CoreLogic National Foreclosure Report, show an overall decline of 69 percent in foreclosure numbers compared to similar figures in 2010.