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Tiny houses can have under-the-radar costs too

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions

One housing trend that has been gaining steam in recent years is the trend of tiny houses. There are many goals a person may be hoping to achieve by opting for a tiny house rather than a traditional home. One is to simplify their living situation. Another is to lower their environmental footprint. Yet another is to lower their overall housing-related expenses.

When making housing-related decisions, such as decisions on whether or not to go the tiny house route, it can be very important for a person to understand the different costs associated with the choices they are considering. Failing to take such costs, including the less obvious ones, into account could lead to a person opting for a real estate choice that won’t actually achieve the goals they were hoping it would, such as cost-reduction goals.

Tiny houses, like traditional houses, are not without their more under-the-radar expenses. Some potential “hidden” expenses connected to tiny houses include costs related to:

  • The purchase or renting of land.
  • Plumbing installation.
  • The construction of a foundation.
  • Getting electricity to a tiny house.
  • Property taxes.
  • Inspection fees.
  • Permit fees (including those for special zoning permits).
  • RV park expenses (for tiny houses intended for travel).

In addition to having the right information on costs, another thing that can be vital for individuals who are considering going the tiny house route is having the right information on the legal issues that could come up in connection to this housing choice, such as legal issues related to efforts to buy or rent land for a tiny house. Legal mishaps are another thing that could undermine a person’s goals for a given housing decision. So, as with those going more traditional housing routes, individuals planning on being a tiny house owner may want knowledgeable legal help when it comes to real estate transactions.

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