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July 2016 Archives

Homeowners have rights even in a non-judicial foreclosure action

Overdue payments are one reason why a lender might pursue foreclosure options. In Texas, that process may be even streamlined. Specifically, Texas is one of 29 states that allow foreclosure by the power of sale. That means that the court does not have to be involved, as is typically the case in a foreclosure by judicial sale.

Great variation among mortgage lenders

Among the decisions a person can face when buying a home is the choice of what lender to go with when it comes to the mortgage loan connected to their purchase. This decision can end up having some significant implications for the home buyer. One reason for this is that there is a great deal of variation among lenders, and thus lenders could differ quite a bit in how good of a fit they would be for a particular home buyer’s circumstances.

Foreclosure prevention measures seem to be working in San Antonio

Fortunately, San Antonio and Texas were never hit as hard as other areas of the country by the collapse of the housing market. Nevertheless, there are still many homeowners in the area who are having trouble making their mortgage payments. Even while many still struggle, foreclosure prevention measures taken by homeowners and their lenders seem to be working.