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When disputes come up in connection to commercial properties

On Behalf of | May 2, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate

Litigation has the potential to come up in connection to pretty much any type of transaction a business can be involved in. Commercial real estate transactions are no exception.

Examples of commercial real estate transactions businesses can be involved in include the selling of a commercial property, the purchasing of commercial real estate and lease arrangements regarding commercial space. Businesses that engage in these sorts of transactions generally hope the transaction and the aftermath from it will be dispute-free.

Unfortunately, there are a range of different disputes that could come up in connection to these transactions and their elements, such as the contracts and documents related to the transactions. Examples of some such disputes are listed on our page on real estate and commercial litigation.

These types of real estate disputes sometimes give rise to litigation. Whether a business is facing litigation in relation to matters related to a real estate transaction or is considering bringing litigation in connection to such a matter, it can be important for the business to give careful thought to how to proceed. Real estate litigation can be very impactful on all parties involved, and how such litigation ends up unfolding and what happens during it can have major ramifications for a business. These ramifications can not just touch on the business’ relationship to the property the dispute centers on, but larger issues regarding the business’ well-being and future.

Given this, when it comes to litigation matters involving commercial real estate, trying to navigate the matters alone and without guidance can carry risks for a business. Skilled real estate litigation attorneys can advise businesses that are dealing with commercial real estate disputes throughout the litigation process.