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Texas seeing a lot of inbound migration from other states

On Behalf of | May 16, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions

Population growth in a state can come about in a range of different ways. One is through people moving to the state from other states.

Migration from other states has been a big contributor to population growth in Texas in recent years. Such migration has made up a big portion of overall migration to the state lately. And, according to the state demographer, in recent times, net migration has been responsible for over half of the population change in the state.

Texas has experienced a great deal of migration from other states in recent years, with estimates indicating that Texas saw 4.8 million people move here from other states between 2005 and 2013.

What sort of migration from other states has Bexar County seen in recent times? For the time period going from 2009 to 2013, the county saw the second highest net gain in population from interstate migration of any county in Texas. Inbound interstate migration exceeded outbound interstate migration in the county over that period by 9,477 individuals. The only Texas county with a higher net gain was Harris County.

What states are individuals who are moving to Texas most commonly from? The three states that Texas saw the most interstate migrations from in 2013 were California, Florida and Illinois.

One of the many important concerns individuals who are moving to a new state have is what their new housing situation is going to be. Whether a person moving to a new state decides to rent or buy in the new state, important and impactful legal issues can arise during the transaction. Each state (including Texas) has its own particular laws and rules regarding real estate purchases and leasing, and these laws/rules that can have significant implications on what legal matters come up in relation to buying or renting a home in the state.

Whether a person is new to Texas or has lived in the state for a long time, they may want to have the guidance of an attorney experienced in Texas real estate matters when buying or leasing a Texas property.

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