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If You Bought A Home With A Roof Leak

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2016 | Real Estate Disputes

You bought a new home and moved in. Everything seemed perfect, until the first rainy day. You discovered water seeping in through a leak in the roof. The water may have even damaged other property. How will you afford to cover the cost of repair?

You may not have to. When you purchased the house, you should have been provided with a disclosure statement. This may have been part of the purchase agreement or you may have been provided a separate disclosure form. In this statement, sellers are obligated to list all known issues that could impact a home’s value or desirability, including roof leaks. If the seller knew about the leak and failed to disclose it, the seller may be liable for the costs of repairs.

Did The Seller Know About The Roof Leak?

One of the more complex aspects of these cases is proving that the seller knew about the roof leak. The seller may claim that they were unaware of the leak, which may seem unlikely if the leak is substantial. An investigation may be necessary to gather evidence. For example, if it is discovered that the seller had sought quotes from roofers prior to selling the home, that may indicate they were indeed aware of the leak.

In some cases, the seller may have known about the leak and told the real estate agent. The agent may have failed to disclose the roof leak in order to complete the sale. In these cases, action may be taken against the agent. In other cases, an inspector may be at fault for failing to recognize the signs of a leaky roof.

An experienced real estate law attorney will be able to review your case and work with experts as necessary to determine who was to blame and to take the appropriate action to recover compensation to repair the roof and any internal water damage caused by the leak.

But Water Continues To Pour Into Your House

You may not have time to let an investigation and real estate lawsuit unfold. Water is pouring into your house. The leak could cause more and more damage. You may be able to have the leak repaired now while the case is pending, but it is critical to review your options with a lawyer before moving forward to ensure that no evidence is destroyed in the process.

Attorney Matthew Obermeier offers free consultations. This is your opportunity to discuss the matter with an attorney and learn about your options for moving forward.