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Can divorce actually be good for your children?

When parents in Texas decide to divorce, one of their biggest concerns is often how their children will cope with the upcoming changes in their lives. Although divorce may cause children to experience some degree of emotional trauma, there are several reasons why it can actually be in the children’s best interests.

The benefits of divorce

Divorce is not always a highly traumatic experience for children. According to The Huffington Post, divorce can benefit children in the following ways:

  • Children are more likely to be happy when both of their parents are happier.
  • Parents are able to model that they deserve to be in a supportive relationship to their children.
  • Children are able to receive more direct attention from each of their parents.

Additionally, when the tension dissolves in their household once their parents decide to go their separate ways, children may become more relaxed and their behavior may significantly improve.

Children recover quickly

Although divorce is often what is in the best interests of the children, divorcing parents may find that their children experience negative short-term effects like shock, disbelief, anger and anxiety. However, according to Scientific American, a study conducted by a psychologist at the University of Virginia found that these reactions usually diminish or fade altogether amongst children within two years after their parents decide to end their marriage.

Additionally, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania set out to examine the possible long-term effects divorce can have on children. After following a group of children with married and divorced parents from their childhood into their teenage years, only small differences existed between both groups of participants in terms of academic achievement, social relationships, emotional and behavioral problems and delinquency.

Minimizing the negative effects of divorce

To ensure their children are able to effectively cope with the changes occurring in their life, divorced parents should refrain from confiding in their children about difficulties with their ex-spouse or their worries about money, states WebMD. Instead, parents should speak to a therapist, close friend or family member about their concerns. Additionally, divorced parents should avoid speaking negatively about their ex-spouse in front of their children, try to wait as long as possible to introduce major changes, like moving to a new home, into their children’s lives and encourage their children to maintain the relationship they have with their other parent.

However, even by utilizing these strategies, parents embarking on the divorce process may still be worried about how much time they will have to spend with their children once a child custody agreement has been solidified. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, speak with an attorney who can provide legal guidance and reassurance at this time.