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When a military service member faces home foreclosure

At the Law Office of Matthew J. Obermeier, we represent Texas homeowners in their foreclosure proceedings by presenting a strong defense against the foreclosure process. We also assist by recommending various strategies to homeowners that may assist them in keeping their homes and avoiding foreclosure altogether.

What's the time frame for the average foreclosure in Texas?

The housing market and the economy in general have been recovering since the "Great Recession" of 2008. However, some Texas families are still facing financial difficulty. Certain families could even be facing the threat of losing their home to foreclosure. If you're in this situation, you might be curious how long the foreclosure process takes to complete.

What's a foreclosure by judicial sale

It doesn't matter what state you live in, foreclosure by judicial sale is available. Foreclosure by judicial sale is the process of selling a mortgaged property under court supervision. First, the proceeds from the sale go to pay off the mortgage. Second, they go to pay off other lien holders. Third, anything leftover will belong to the original mortgage borrower.

3 ways to prevent a home foreclosure

The situation comes about for different reasons, but it usually involves a homeowner getting behind on his or her mortgage payments. When this happens, the bank will eventually start the foreclosure process. When faced with foreclosure, homeowners usually start to get desperate for a solution. Fortunately, there are some strategies homeowners can use to prevent foreclosure and even stop it in its tracks.

Foreclosure defense for active military servicemembers

Active military servicemembers have a lot to worry about when it comes to defending our nation's security. However, these honorable military men and women also need to defend their personal financial security in addition to their job duties. This is a lot to keep track of and when foreclosure proceedings threaten to take away a servicemember's family home, the pressure and stress can quickly become overwhelming.

Common foreclosure defense strategies

The most important thing an attorney can remember when representing a client facing foreclosure proceedings is the fact that now two foreclosures are the same. Every case needs to be reviewed on its individual merits and every foreclosure defense strategy needs to be specifically tailored to suit the factual scenario that applies.

How can a foreclosure defense lawyer help me?

The threat of foreclosure proceedings, and the fear of losing one's home as a result of those proceedings, is extremely terrifying. Considering how much money and how much work goes into the dream of finally owning a family home -- to have that dream cut short and to lose all the equity one has invested in a home -- is a tragedy beyond compare.

5 alternatives to a home foreclosure

If your home has gone into foreclosure, then the bank that financed your mortgage is attempting to establish the legal right to repossess your property due to a failure or inability to stay up-to-date with your mortgage payments. However, San Antonio residents who cannot pay their home loan bills do not have to end up in foreclosure proceedings. Here are five alternatives.

Foreclosure numbers have declined across the United States

Pending foreclosures across the United States have declined considerably -- by 29.6 percent compared to this time last year. Completed foreclosure figures have declined even more -- by 42.4 percent compared to last year. Even more promising is that these statistics, released by CoreLogic National Foreclosure Report, show an overall decline of 69 percent in foreclosure numbers compared to similar figures in 2010.