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Can't get a mortgage? Maybe crowdfunding is the answer

Banks have strict internal rules and regulations that may prevent you from getting approved for a large loan. Your bank, however, is not the only avenue available to finance your commercial real estate venture. In addition to traditional bank financing is the emerging crowdfunding market. Crowdfunding offers a non-traditional source of financing to people who are looking to create a business or buy a piece of property.

6 San Antonio commercial zoning rules

Just because you buy a piece of commercial real estate doesn't mean that you can use it for any kind of business you want. Imagine if you could open up an oil refinery right next to a residential neighborhood. Zoning laws make San Antonio a more pleasurable and organized place to live. That said, zoning laws can represent a very serious headache for business owners -- especially those who make a commercial real estate purchase before doing their zoning research.

How does Texas commercial property compare to other states?

According to a recent report published by the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP) Research Foundation, Texas commercial property is booming. Texas, for the second consecutive year, ranked as one of the leading states in commercial real estate spending. In fact, Texas commercial real estate spending is second only to New York.

The basics of commercial zoning

Zoning laws are important for the organization of communities, to ensure the health and safety of residents. These zoning ordinances -- also referred to as land use regulations -- ensure that different areas of a city are used for different kinds of business activities. These laws may also dictate how a building can look, where it's located in relation to the roadway and how tall it can be.

San Antonio commercial real estate lawyer

Attorney Matthew J. Obermeier is a partner of the Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, LLP, law offices. Representing clients in all types of commercial and residential real estate matters, Matthew J. Obermeire combines diplomacy with aggressive litigation to protect his clients rights and achieve their legal objectives both in and out of Texas court.

7 commercial real estate terms you need to know

Every industry has its jargon and terminology, and the commercial real estate industry is no different. If you don't understand the jargon of the business you're getting into, you will have a very difficult time keeping up. As such, we'd like to provide you with a definition for the following seven terms, which you will likely need to know and understand if you're planning to buy a commercial property: